adding deps to libgnomecanvas

2001-10-26  Michael Meeks  <michael ximian com>

        * glade/glade-canvas.c (glade_module_register_widgets):
        register the canvas widget with the new API.

2001-10-24  jacob berkman  <jacob ximian com>

        * glade/glade-canvas.c: moved from libglade/glade/

        * add libglade checks

        * (SUBDIRS): build glade/

this adds libglade as a dependancy to libgnomecanvas just to:

glade_module_register_widgets (void)
    glade_provide ("canvas");
    glade_register_widget (GNOME_TYPE_CANVAS,
                           NULL, NULL);

this is extreme overkill, libglade can easily check if
libgnomecanvas is present or not.
if this were taken as exemplary code, *every* library that
contains gtk widgets other than gtk itself will have to
have a hard libglade dependancy which is pretty unacaptable.

/me off to hack libgnomecanvas files to build without libglade


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