Re: Graphical 'su' utility for GNOME

Chema Celorio <chema ximian com> writes: 
> > Sure, but we are going to maintain the distro-specific patches for our
> > PAM stuff; what we need from upstream is an easy way to drop them in
> who is "we" in this context ?

Maintainers of the operating systems with PAM support. For example,
the GNOME people at Red Hat.  Also, maybe you guys at Ximian would do
this in your packages for operating systems that have PAM, since some
customers do want it.
> > I guess it probably doesn't matter that much for now, since I can't
> > even think of a gnome desktop component that requires root privileges,
> > but it's an issue to think about.

Just keep the issue in mind, all I ask. Big-ass distribution-specific
patches don't help anyone.


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