Stock pixmaps on Solaris 2.{5.1,7}

I encountered a strange problem building gnome-libs on Solaris; as I've
managed to get things to build correctly before, and I haven't seen any
mention of anyone else having this problem, it may be peculiar to the
particular system I was using:  The convertrgb script that gets run to
convert the stock pixmaps from pngs to xpms to be included in the
library was mangling the pixmaps, so the stock buttons etc were being
displayed with gibberish icons.  I solved this by commenting out the
part of the libgnomeui/pixmaps/Makefile that regenerates the
gnome-stock-imlib.h file as the one distributed seems correct.

My question: why does this file get regenerated in the dist tarball?
The shipped file is already correct!  As far as why convertrgb is
breaking, I'm clueless.


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