ANNOUNCE: libglade-0.17

I have just released a new version of libglade.  This is mainly a
maintenance release, but also moves the headers to a libglade-1.0
directory in order to allow side-by-side installation with the gnome-2.0

This doesn't affect source or binary compatibility, but libraries that use
libglade may need to be rebuilt so their *-config scripts return the
correct information.

Once syncs, you should be able to get it from:

The main changes in this release are:
- use gtk_clist_set_column_title to set clist column titles
  when possible so that they get the alignment of the column.
- Backport code that cleans up widget hash table in the
  GladeXML object on widget destruction.  This means that
  glade_xml_get_widget() should always return a valid widget
  or NULL.
- Move headers to a a libglade-1.0/ subdirectory.  This is to
  allow parallel installation of stable and development
  versions of libglade.  Libraries depending on libglade will
  probably need to be rebuilt so that their *-config scripts
  contain the correct CPP flags.


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