Re: gnome_app_flash replacement in libbonobui

Hi Ronen,

On Sat, 1 Sep 2001, Ronen Tzur wrote:
> In GNOME 1 (and in the GNOME 2 compatibility layer) there is a
> GnomeApp which has a lot of convenience functions in gnome-app-util.
> Stuff like flashing messages in the status bar, asking questions, and
> displaying popups.

        There is a Bonobo aware GnomeApp replacement called BonoboWindow,
which has an XML based UI description language, and many interesting
features pwrt. component merging etc.

        As regards displaying popups, and asking questions - see
GtkMessageBox and well, popups are more interesting and somewhat broken in
the bonobo variant - partly because no good design for such an API has
come to the fore yet.

> I couldn't find similiar functionality in libbonoboui, are such
> replacements at least planned?  I guess every application has at least
> SOME use for these helper functions, and it wouldn't be right to ask
> every person doing a porting job to re-invent the wheel in these
> particular cases.

        If by re-inventing the wheel you mean getting the UI out of the
code and into XML - then yes the process is tedious - but then again, the
UI has really no business being in the code in the first place; it's far
better to have it separated and in a form that we can manipulate easily in
future. [ a-la glade ]



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