Re: BUG NAG: 11782 bugs open on

on 9/10/01 9:00 PM, Elliot Lee at sopwith+gnome redhat com wrote:

> nautilus | 5049 

Where does this number come from? When I query for open bugs in Nautilus, I
get 1705, not 5049. Are you perhaps counting VERIFIED or CLOSED bugs as

Also, it's a bit misleading to include enhancement requests as open bugs.
There are a *ton* of enhancement requests open for Nautilus, and I don't see
a great urgency to close them all down, although I will try to coalesce them
and mark them as duplicates as time allows.

> gnome-vfs | 426

Similarly, my query for open gnome-vfs bugs finds 271, no 426.

    -- Darin

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