Re: Diet of bugs: the 30-30-30 plan

John Ericson <john john pp se> writes:
> On Sep 11 00:31, Dan Siemon wrote:
> > 
> > What should we do about bug reports that are just a crash trace from an
> > older version? Ie bug #31988?
> >         Dan
> > 
> Could it be changed to status NEEDINFO, since its an old version of
> gnome-applets, to say that we dont know if the problem exists in newer
> versions of gnome-applets?

I wouldn't do that just because it's an old version; NEEDINFO means
you need more info that only the bug reporter can provide. Someone
else could easily check whether it still happens, assuming you have
good instructions to reproduce.

However, 31988 has no instructions to reproduce, and the backtrace is
meaningless ?? ?? ?? stuff, so I'd close NEEDINFO due to lack of
instructions to reproduce or other clues on what the bug is.


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