gtk_file_selection (gtk+-1.2.10) does not allow subsequent set_wmclass()

(I sent this mail some time ago but it apparently did not make it to the list)


It has been observed that the following sequence:

    fsw = gtk_file_selection_new(_("Attach file"));
    gtk_window_set_wmclass(GTK_WINDOW(fsw), "file", "Balsa");

generates a warning:
Gtk-WARNING **: shouldn't set wmclass after window is realized!

with gtk+-1.2.10 (but not with gtk+-1.2.9). Why was this altered? Is this a bug or feature? The workaround would be to unrealize the window by hand but this would be ugly and not portable.

Can somebody offer a solution?

Pawel Salek, Theoretical Chemistry, SCFAB, Stockholm

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