Bugs - who's in charge of gnome-libs?


I would like to know who is in charge of gnome-libs? I have seen several names on the MAINTAINERS list but many of them seem not to have much in common with it (that's my first impression). In particular, is there any person who takes care of the bug reports (Well, I could find one person that fixed many more bugs than 2, but he is a pain-soothening exception from the sad rule)?

There are several frequently reported problems that often end up on gnome _application_ bug lists although they are really gnome-libs issues.

52992 looses config when harddrive is full
54690 Bad MIME types in /etc/mime-magic*

Is there any chance to get them fixed? I believe any true hacker understoods that it is better to have a software with less features but more stable. And this includes bug fixing.

Pawel Salek, Theoretical Chemistry, SCFAB, Stockholm

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