Re: gtk_file_selection (gtk+-1.2.10) does not allow subsequent set_wmclass()

Pawel Salek <pawsa theochem kth se> writes:
> On 2001.09.23 22:15 Havoc Pennington wrote:
> >   Pawel Salek <pawsa theochem kth se> writes:
> >  > generates a warning:
> >  > Gtk-WARNING **: shouldn't set wmclass after window is realized!
> >  >
> >  > with gtk+-1.2.10 (but not with gtk+-1.2.9). Why was this altered? [..]
> >   I don't see why the filesel is realized right after creation, that
> >  makes no sense at all... I'm guessing that's the bug here.
> I guess it should not be difficult to find. Anyway, I guess I should
> rather file it in bugzilla, but which one? There seems to be not much
> activity in gnome-libs component (particularly in terms of bugs
> reported/taken care of). Does it make sense to file a report there?

The filesel is in GTK, so use the GTK component. GTK bugs do get taken
care of (though you should expect a noticeable delay on bugs for the
stable branch - they will get handled as a group next time a stable
release comes out, which will probably be a while from now).


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