Re: gnome canvas - text layout

Michael Rothwell <rothwell holly-springs nc us> writes:
> I'm investigating using Gnome Canvas to make a page-layout program.
> Does the Gnome Canvas support "rich" text layout? I.e., is there a text
> object that will allow for different font styles within one chunk of
> text?
> Or, will I need to write my own text layout routines?

A page layout app (I assume you mean a pagemaker/quark sort of thing)
would need to go much lower-level than this, to the point of doing
your own PangoLayout-on-steroids with the low-level Pango APIs, and
eventually you'd even need to extend Pango a bit and get comfy with
all the guts of its font handling.

GnomeCanvas does have a rich text item in GNOME 2 (GnomeCanvasText
supports rich text I think), but it simply isn't going to be
sufficient for a page layout app, by any stretch of the imagination.


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