Editor Widget for gnome ?


I'm working in Goctave (a project for creating a gnome front-end
for GNU Octave). We want to have an editor for writing .m files (octave
programs), or better an IDE. Since Goctave is free soft, it would be
better to reuse some already existing editor than writing yet another one
from scratch. 

Can some of the editors available for Gnome be enbeded into
another application (as a Widget or a bonobo component) ?.

 Since I think
that many applications for Gnome need a light-weighted and easy to use
editor, it would be nice to have something like a basic editor Widget,
that one can extend for different needs (I think that KDE has something
like this) 

This editor widget would provide the basic editor functions
(Open, Save, Cut, Paste, Copy , etc) and it should be posible to add new
functions by deriving new widget from it, or by overriding the signals. It
is just an idea, please tell me what do you think about it. May be we can
implement it by re-writing a bit gedit. 

If not, which one of the existing
editors do you think that would be easier to addapt for an Octave IDE ?

(In my opinion: I like most Moleskine, but is writen in python and I would
like something in C, to have less dependences and use less resources.
Gedit seems to be the simpler to modify, but it has no sintax
highlighting. Glimmer is also nice, but too complex for this porpouse.)
Thank you
					Pablo De Napoli 

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