Re: Bug #60014 Fix

Cory Watson <gphat cafes net> writes:
> Attached is a patch for gnome-terminal, addressing the lack of an error
> message when the SHELL environment variable is set to "" (either by
> being clobbered, or by having no shell specified in /etc/passwd).  It is
> against the current 1.4 CVS as of right about the time of this message.
> I thought about changing the pty error function into a generic error
> function that could be used for the next bug we find, but I didn't want
> to take on to much for my first bugfix!
> If someone could commit this for me, I'd greatly appreciate it!
> So do I set the bug to FIXED now? ;)

Wait for someone to actually commit it, to be safe. ;-) I'd attach the
patch to the bug report as well; then it will at least get handled

I'd love to see this fix go in, the same bug is in the Red Hat


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