first of all: is OpenSP necessary to have if one wants scroll-keeper to
work and such or can it be skipped? the reason i ask is because i can't
get it to compile with gcc 3.0.4. OpenJade works fine though. can't
someone write some documentation on the whole jade installation deal?
it's a real bitch to find all the DTD's and so on. it seems strange if
i'm the only one having problems.

/* Name: Nikolai 'pcp' Weibull -- Age: 21 -- Born in: Chicago, IL USA *
 * Where @: Gothenburg, Sweden -- Homepage: http://www.pcppopper.org/ *
 * Email: da box home se, pcp pcppopper org -- System: GeForce2 MX 32 *
 * Celeron 667at950, Fujitsu 20.49gb UDMA-66, ASUS CUV4X, 256mb PC133 *
 * main(){printf(&linux["\021%six\012\0"],(linux)["have"]+"fun"-97);} */

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