http-method in gnome-vfs

Hi all, i have a few questions : 

I realy WANT to implement some things in the http-method if gnome-vfs.

* POST : (for Ettore and Mike)
Where can i use to store que datas that will be POST (ex: form, file
upload) ? I see 2 way, a bad and a minus bad :
1 - In the URI with a special token (ex '!' instead of '?'), i thing
this is bad because we may need to put the content of a file here, but
this don't creak the API.
2 - Add a param to the gnome_vfs_async_open and others to permit to
use datas specific to a vfs op.
3 - I don't know ! Please suggere me

* REDIRECT : (for gnome-vfs and nautilus authors)
1 : Is there a way to tell to nautilus to change the content of the URI
field (i'am pretty sure that yes :)), and tell to nautilus to reload ?
2 : Add a new error type to gnome-vfs (that 'll be handled in nautilus)
3 : Just tell to nautilus to change the URI (but not reload), and reload
in the component ?
4 : I don't know !


	Jean Schurger

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