Re: Valgrind patch for Gnome2 debugging

Le sam 27/04/2002 à 00:31, Cody Russell a écrit :
> Hi all,
> Here is a patch for the latest Valgrind snapshot.  It adds support for
> two new syscalls, __NR_sched_get_priority_min and __NR_setpriority. 
> This was sufficient to get it to work with Gtk and Gnome 2.0
> applications.  I've sent the patch to the author of Valgrind, but
> Kjartan suggested I send it to GNOME mailing lists in the mean time for
> people interested.
> For those not familiar with Valgrind, as I wasn't until yesterday, check
> it out at's definitely very
> useful.

Another good news is that valgrind is starting to support (p)threads
(only since April 20th) !!

Which means even Nautilus, Evolution and Pan will be able to "cleaned"
with help of Valgrind..

Frédéric Crozat

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