Valgrind patch for Gnome2 debugging

Hi all,

Here is a patch for the latest Valgrind snapshot.  It adds support for
two new syscalls, __NR_sched_get_priority_min and __NR_setpriority. 
This was sufficient to get it to work with Gtk and Gnome 2.0
applications.  I've sent the patch to the author of Valgrind, but
Kjartan suggested I send it to GNOME mailing lists in the mean time for
people interested.

For those not familiar with Valgrind, as I wasn't until yesterday, check
it out at's definitely very

Only in valgrind-hacked: Makefile
Only in valgrind-hacked: config.cache
Only in valgrind-hacked: config.h
Only in valgrind-hacked: config.log
Only in valgrind-hacked: config.status
Only in valgrind-hacked/demangle: Makefile
Only in valgrind-hacked/docs: Makefile
Only in valgrind-hacked: stamp-h
Only in valgrind-hacked/tests: Makefile
Only in valgrind-hacked: valgrind
Only in valgrind-hacked: valgrind.spec
diff -r valgrind-20020426/vg_syscall_mem.c valgrind-hacked/vg_syscall_mem.c
> #if   defined(__NR_sched_get_priority_min)
>       case __NR_sched_get_priority_min: /* syscall 160 */
>          /* int sched_get_priority_min(int policy); */
>          if (VG_(clo_trace_syscalls))
>             VG_(printf)("sched_get_priority_min ( %d )\n", arg1);
>          KERNEL_DO_SYSCALL(tid,res);
>          break;
> #     endif
> #if   defined(__NR_setpriority)
>       case __NR_setpriority: /* syscall 97 */
>          /* int setpriority(int which, int who, int prio); */
>          if (VG_(clo_trace_syscalls))
>             VG_(printf)("setpriority ( %d %d %d )\n", arg1, arg2, arg3);
>          KERNEL_DO_SYSCALL(tid,res);
>          break;
> #     endif
<       case __NR_sched_get_priority_min:

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