Re: libzvt / gnome-terminal

In message <20020427133446 B23947 ie suberic net>, kevin lyda writes:

>On Sat, Apr 27, 2002 at 02:28:33PM +0200, Cristiano De Michele wrote:
>> On Sat, 2002-04-27 at 10:41, M G Berberich wrote:
>> > a) cat some text into a gnome-terminal.
>> > b) double-click on the first word in a line
>> >    => The first word is selected
>> > c) move the mouse to the right
>> >    => some more words get selected
>> > d) move the mouse one line up
>> > e) move the mouse one line down (back to the line you startet)

>> > Now the word the selection started (first word in line) is no longer
>> > selected.
>> ok I reproduced the problem so we need to fix it

>thank god, that's been annoying me for years.  thanks to m g berberich
>for the clear and straight forward description of the problem.  ah, hope.

I reported this bug 15+ months ago and I posted a fix (written by another
individual and posted to one of the GNOME mailing lists) 6+ months ago:

We've been using the fix here for at least that long and I guess I use the
mouse to copy text more than most people because I get very frustrated when I'm
using a version of gnome-terminal without this patch.


John GOTTS <jgotts linuxsavvy com>

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