Re: mimetypes and programs

   Thanks for the pointer. I'll try default_application_id change
to molmol.keys tonight and hopefully I can delete the 
molmol.applications file from /usr/share/application-registry. 
One other question. I am actually making debian packaging for
two different programs both of which operate on .pdb files
as their default file format. I noticed that I can apparently
have multiple .keys/.mime files which operate on the same
mime-type but it appears that the first one parsed becomes
the operational one? Is this correct? I am wondering if this
is cleaned up at all in Gnome 2.0 such that one can have multiple
programs which operate on the same data file type (e.g. .pdb)
and have Gnome set up to present the user with a choice of applications
to launch when you double-click on an icon of a .pdb file. I guess
the default should be some pre-selected program but it might be
nice if nautilus had a particular key-combo that when held down
during a double click on an icon would present you with a launcher
menu of applications that are installed that all advertise that 
they support the data format of that file. I such a thing alreay in
gnome and I'm missing it?

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