Re: mimetypes and programs

Try adding this to the chemical/x-pdb section of your molmol.keys file: 


This usage works under the current GNOME 2.0 builds.  Handling of category 
defaults and user levels isn't yet complete but it should make GNOME mime type 
handling much more flexible than anything I've seen to date.  

>    I am creating debian packaging for a couple molecular viewers
>and am puzzled at what is really required for associating a file
>type under gnome 1.4 with a particular program. Using nautilus
>as my filemanager I find that I have to have the following files
>for a .pdb file to properly lauch the molmol application...
>Is this correct? The documentation on presetting these files seems
>sparse and the existing use of it seems rather random in format.
>Also will this usage work under gnome 2.0 when released? Thanks in
>advance for any hints. Oh, please email to howarth bromo med uc edu
>as I don't subscribe to this mailing list.
>                   Jack Howarth

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