Re: three open issues for gnome

When I try to run gnome sound recorder from a remote terminal on Solaris, I get 
this error dialog:
"The sound device is not ready.  Please check that there isn't another program 
running that is using this device."

Is this a known problem on other platforms?  

>> > I'm fairly sure all the core GNOME apps use ESD.  If not, I'm sure there
>> > is support for a pseudo /dev/dsp device for ESD.  Is it part of ESD
>> > core, or a non-standard add-on?
>> Sure, the gnome apps use esd...but there's more than gnome.  I don't
>> know of any pseudo /dev/dsp device.  Can you give me pointers?  It's
>> not in the standard Debian version AFAICT.
>A search on google didn't turn anything up... I was likely mistaken
>then.  If it's not on Google, it doesn't exist.  ~,^
>I did find some articles refering to esd tricks for, example, making Q3
>run thru esd, but they didn't cover general practices.  I'm assuming if
>you can do it for Q3, yuo can do it for any app.

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