Re: Opinion on Gnome 2.0

On Sun, 2002-08-04 at 17:06, Nuno Afonso wrote:
> > Hmm, that isn't particularily useful - *what* is better about the gnome
> > 1.4 control center?  Might make it easier for developers to know what
> > they may need to work on in the future.  ^,^
> On gnome 1.4 the control center was an aplication with all the
> configuring tools that we could use to change the gnome settings, but on
> gnome 2 (at least on the limbo, the new Red Hat beta), that application
> doesn't exist, it simply opens a nautilus browser with all the programs,
> and there isn't a program to change the window manager that gnome is
> using..

Ah.  There *is* a gnome control center application/shell, still, try

gnome-control-center --use-shell

That shell is kinda cruddy tho.  The Nautilus view is much nicer.

So far as changing the WM... as I just explained on a different list,
that kind of option is intentionally removed.  The average user doesn't
know nor care about what a WM even is, much less which one they're
using.  The WM can still be changed in a number of ways, but it quite
rightfully belongs outside of the control center (I dunno, perhaps in
the Advanced section such a config tool could be placed...).

Personally, I'm hoping that for GNOME 2.2 they just pick Metacity or a
fixed up version of Sawfish, rename it to GNOME WM (why should users
have to be confused by a "hidden" application having a name?), and just
be done with it.

Then maybe in GNOME 2.4/3.0, fix it so GNOME has themes, not just GTK+,
or make Meta-Theme easier for the average user (why should they see a
check-box for "Window Manager" or, gods forbid, "Sawfish/Metacity,",
when they don't even know what that is?)

But there I go rambling, again.  ^,^

> Afonso

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