Callbacks on GNOME2

Hi people,

I'm still in the middle of the migration of my VGA Planets client :-)
I've succesfully setup the build environment, and I've re-generate the
GUI with glade-2 (because I couldn't read the old .glade file made with
glade-1). Now my client compiles and works...i cannot say that works
well, it just work :-)

A problem that I'm having right now is with callback functions. It seems
that what I receive in the first argument (var GtkWidget *widget)
instead of being a GnomeCanvas is a GnomeApp, because GLib tells me that
when I try to do GNOME_CANVAS(widget) on a subsequent function call.
(this happened too with other callbacks too).

Any help will be appreciated.


Lucas Di Pentima - Santa Fe - Argentina
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