Re: Opinion on Gnome 2

6/08/02 Nuno Afonso <hunchback netcabo pt>
>in my opinion there's one thing missing on Gnome 2 (maybe could be
>implemented in a future version of gnome), one thing that i've saw on
>Fluxbox, the possibility to grab windows in a simple window, then you
>can navigate through them using tabs

>here are some examples so you can understand better what i'm talking

Hiya! Simple Window switching be huge boon to folks with disabilities. i
was only going to read this list, but this idea is far too useful to let go
by. I'm a guy with a physical disability who types & runs computers, over
23 years, with a headwand now on a standard Windows style keyboard [image
on gives idea of how i work]
Now i do Alt-W [for Window] then a number to switch Windows. Taking Nuno's
tabs concept and giving it an easy keyboard command will much improve
keyboard usability [grin] Multiple Document Interface programs give users a
means to switch Windows without checking where they are. Having Windows
grouped together will really make it easy to switch between programs or
windows also! It'd be a great addition, now I'll let you folks get back to

Bryan Campbell

--> "It has been said the pebbles can't stop the avalanche, guess the
pebbles didn't have access to the Web!"

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