Re: The gtk file selector once again


globbing already is integratet into the fileselector for people in
"keybord-mode". tabe the pattern and then tab (p.e. *.tex [TAB]).

Having a input-field where you could type in a pattern is in my
opinion quite useless, because the functionality is there already for
keyboard usage. Perhaps we should have a combo-box that display all
file-extensions that occure in the fileselector-list. So p.e. if the
dir contains: 

  anna.gif	mary.jpg	michael.png
  tests	       tom.jpg	

it should contain *, *.gif, *.jpg, *.png, *.sh. I don't think this
list would grow to large in most cases and would give all pattern a
user would expect. There is not much sense offering the user lots of
patterns that would result in empty list, even if the application
would be able to cope with this file.


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