Re: The gtk file selector once again

Well, keyboard mode is useful for UNIX users; not the average "can only
type 6 words an hour and doesn't want to have to get any faster" type
user I deal with on a daily basis; if I only cared about keyboard usage,
I wouldn't be using a GUI in the first place.  ~,^

Giving a drop-down box with the MIME types support by the hosting
application would be easiest; why should GIMP list all .txt files?  Why
should AbiWord let me see .gnumeric files?  (by default, anyways; user
should be able to *try* to open any file, if they know what they are
doing).  This is the point of the MIME-type drop-down box; to easily and
automatically filter out the types of files the user doesn't need to
see, because the application can't handle them.

And just listing "*.abw" won't cut it; it would need to say something
like "AbiWord files" or "AbiWord (.abw)".

On Sun, 2002-08-11 at 12:39, M G Berberich wrote:
> Hello,
> globbing already is integratet into the fileselector for people in
> "keybord-mode". tabe the pattern and then tab (p.e. *.tex [TAB]).
> Having a input-field where you could type in a pattern is in my
> opinion quite useless, because the functionality is there already for
> keyboard usage. Perhaps we should have a combo-box that display all
> file-extensions that occure in the fileselector-list. So p.e. if the
> dir contains: 
>   anna.gif	mary.jpg	michael.png
>   tests	       tom.jpg	
> it should contain *, *.gif, *.jpg, *.png, *.sh. I don't think this
> list would grow to large in most cases and would give all pattern a
> user would expect. There is not much sense offering the user lots of
> patterns that would result in empty list, even if the application
> would be able to cope with this file.
> 	MfG
> 	bmg
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