Re: gnome and GDK_USE_XFT

Michael Meeks wrote:

On Mon, 2002-08-12 at 16:15, iain wrote:
	You need CVS HEAD pango and gtk+ for best results I believe.
Are there any problems building gnome 2.0 against gtk 2.1?

	None that I'm aware of. The joys of ABI / API compatibility. I just
re-built pango / gtk+ and it all worked just fine. [ and that was on
Solaris too ]. I think Jacob's problem is McBrokenOS X related ;-)
Not really. It is just that x86 Linux allows you to link non PIC-compiled object files into a shared library, while OSX doesn't (I have heard that this also breaks for Itanium Linux and others).

I wouldn't be surprised if linking non PIC code into a shared library breaks on Solaris too -- I guess you don't see the problem due to lack of libxinerama.


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