Thinks... what need gnome to make linux more usable ?

Hi all, just an idea to make linux/gnome more usable.

- I think there is a need to write a hotplug deamon, for example using
and /proc entries, may be a hotplug layer that can handle different
detections method (/dev/ttyS0.. lock for ppp) /proc/usb/devices for
example, pcmcia cards. RedHat as made some works about that.

- And the appropriate gnome-applet to show that or show a popup to ask
what to do ex: 
	open a nautilus window if it's a removable storage : photos
	open a media player if that storage containts lots of musique/films

	* propose to burn a CD if it's a CDR(W) (may be a special vfs folder
like toburn:/ to store the thinks that you wait to burn).
	  The toburn vfs method should handle simples files/directories and
music files (to burn audio CDS). And an app or nautilus view should 
display the toburn:/ filesystem as tracks (data, audio,...)and allow to
drop files/dirs and audio files on.

	* propose to play/rip a CD/DVD

- these links organisated with a tool like the mime-types

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