FW: Thinks... what need gnome to make linux more usable ?

What is absolutely missing in gnome is a PCMCIA panel applet to control the

run command on insert, eject,...

Most of the time this is handled transparently, you just put the card and
remove it when you want and the OS will deal with it... Rather than "May I
remove this card please, Mr Windows?".

However when you plug a network card you may want to start the network that
goes with it (ifup ethx; service firewall start;...) and shut it down the
other way....


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Hi all, just an idea to make linux/gnome more usable.

- I think there is a need to write a hotplug deamon, for example using
and /proc entries, may be a hotplug layer that can handle different
detections method (/dev/ttyS0.. lock for ppp) /proc/usb/devices for
example, pcmcia cards. RedHat as made some works about that.


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