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bharat tewari wrote:

okay this is what we are doing currently for Sun as their part of the removable media manager port. This module is available under rmm-utils in public cvs. This is currently not ported to linux as it uses some underlying solaris specific media library but i am pretty much sure we can put some equivalent library in linux too and use this as hot pluggable stuff. currently its like if you put the audio cd's it starts the gnome-cd, if its a data floppy it will put the nautilus file manager etc.

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This sounds like something that I really would like. I would like to be able to plug my USB Flash drive in and have "the system" automatically mount it and perhaps open Nautilus. Of course this could extend to other devices such as cameras, CD's and the like. How advanced is the coding on this system and is a Linux port planned ?

Strange.. I remind me of something... Wait..
Yes, this feature is already in Mandrake Linux since 8.2 :))

We are using hotplug + some scripts (called dynamic) + patched nautilus
(and konqueror) to show these dynamically created entries on the

Patch is pending for inclusion in nautilus when developement will be
open for GNOME 2.2..

Well assuming this works as I want it, or somewhat close, then my thanks most sencerely go out to the Mandrake developers. I guess thats why 'they' say that Mandrake is the desktop distro.

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