gnome_app_new() oddities

The following seems to be quite strange in behavior.  I've attached a
tarball with a working example and a failing example.  The working
example is the default glade-2 output for a gnome-app, the failing example
is that same glade-2 output but changed around to use a struct
"MainWindow".  When compiled with optimizations (-O2) it works but leads
to some failed pointer arithmetic in more complex examples.  When
compiled without optimizations, it segfaults.  Please have a look and
feel free to share any results.  I've only been able to test this on
three machines and two different distros (gentoo and debian unstable) so
my results might be hinting at problems with those two distros.  I am
however, using the source tarballs from
    -James Moss

Attachment: test.tgz
Description: GNU Unix tar archive

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