Re: gnome_app_new() oddities

Has anyone had a chance to look at this, or am I the only one
experiencing these difficulties?

* James Moss (moss brutesquad org) wrote:
> The following seems to be quite strange in behavior.  A tarball with the
> example is at (moderators please delete
> message with tarball attached).  The working example is the default glade-2
> output for a gnome-app, the failing example is that same glade-2 output but
> changed around to use a struct "MainWindow".  When compiled with
> optimizations (-O2) it works but leads to some failed pointer arithmetic
> in more complex examples.  When compiled without optimizations, it
> segfaults.  Please have a look and feel free to share any results.  I've
> only been able to test this on three machines and two different distros
> (gentoo and debian unstable) so my results might be hinting at problems
> with those two distros.  I am however, using the source tarballs from
>     -James Moss
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