Re: writing help files for gnome 2.0 programs

On 24 Aug 2002, Mikael Hallendal wrote:

> > I'm not sure what "correctly setup" means here.  My document is a
> > valid docbook "book" instance (it's quite long and complex).  It has a
> > TOC alright, but this is not appearing in a left pane: it's all in one
> > pane.

> * Top level node ("article" or "book") needs to have the id-attribute
>   "index".

Ah, thanks, that did the trick, I have a left pane now.

As for getting my help file registered so that it appears in yelp's
menu, I haven't yet succeeded.  I find that if I specify

<subject category="GNOME|Applications|Accessories"/>

in my .omf file (which is not right for my app, but is quoted from
gedit-C.omf) and do scrollkeeper-rebuilddb, then my app appears under
GNOME/Applications/Accessories.  But if I specify

<subject category="GNOME|Applications|Other"/>

and rebuild the db, the help doesn't appear.  No "Other" category is
created under GNOME/Applications in the yelp menus.

Allin Cottrell.

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