Re: How to dump a gnome canvas in a file ?

If you use Gnome 1.2 or 1.4, you can use GdkImlib to grab and save the
contents of any widget that has it's own window:

GdkImlibImage *img =
gdk_imlib_save_image(image, filename, info);

In Gnome 2 you can do the same using the gdk-pixbuf library (I did not
try this, but I've seen it in the API reference).

You should be aware of that these functions make a 'real' screenshot,
meaning that if part of your canvas is covered by another window it will
be included in the resulting image.


On Wed, 2002-08-28 at 17:17, Le Roux Yannick wrote:
> I have developed a software that uses a gnome canvas to display graphical
> objects.
> I would like to supply the users with a mean to perform screenshots
> of the canvas and only of the canvas (i.e excluding other widgets of the
> root window).
> How could I implement this feature.
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