Adding sub-menus to GNOME 2.x

A cow-orker was asking me about how to add sub-menus to GNOME 2.x. He
has a bunch of company-specific apps that he'd like to have all grouped
under one sub-menu. Codeweavers does this too for their Crossover suite
of applications.

Apparently editing /etc/gnome-vfs-2.0/vfolders/preferences.vfolder-info
is the only way to do this? Is there a reasonable way to add entries to
this with a command and parameters or does one need to say write a Perl
script to parse the XML?

Is there a reason why this isn't easier? I know that we don't want menus
growing huge as happens with Windows, but if adding sub-menus is
allowed, it might as well not be painful, right? :)

Hopefully I'm just missing something and someone can smack me with a
trout. Thanks.


Steve Fox

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