Re: Adding sub-menus to GNOME 2.x

On Wed, 2002-12-04 at 15:18, Steve Fox wrote:
> A cow-orker was asking me about how to add sub-menus to GNOME 2.x. He
> has a bunch of company-specific apps that he'd like to have all grouped
> under one sub-menu. Codeweavers does this too for their Crossover suite
> of applications.
> Apparently editing /etc/gnome-vfs-2.0/vfolders/preferences.vfolder-info
> is the only way to do this? Is there a reasonable way to add entries to
> this with a command and parameters or does one need to say write a Perl
> script to parse the XML?

This works, but the easy way is to use Nautilus.

Open Nautilus up and type in the URL "applications:///".  This should
show you the bottom of your menu structure - very like in Doze, in fact.

Now create a new folder, give it an icon in its props, and throw
Launchers in there.

You'll probably have to restart the panel to see it, but the new menu
will now be in the main Gnome menu.  click into it, and then right-click
a launcher (not another menu) in it, follow through the context menu to
"This Menu" and you can now add this submenu directly onto the panel,

I did this to copy all my still-here Gnome-1.4 applications into a menu
on my Gnome-2.0 desktop =O)

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