xclock -borderwidth 0?

Is there any explanation in any of the Gnome documentation of why Unix
commands like `xclock -borderwidth 0' don't result in a command
window without a window border? (Is this instead a matter of the window
manager in use? I've tried Enlightenment, Sawfish, Twm and Window Maker.)
A user here has an old self-written program that he wants to appear without
a border, for unintelligible reasons of his own. He complains that
`-borderwidth 0' used to work on the SGI Indy Magic desktop he used to
use before being switched to Linux and Gnome. (He is still using Gnome
1.4, but hopes to switch to 2.0 shortly.) I've searched the Gnome
documentation without success.

John A. Murdie
Experimental Officer (Software)
Department of Computer Science
University of York

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