Re: xclock -borderwidth 0?

On 11 Dec, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 11, 2002 at 04:21:41PM +0000, john cs york ac uk wrote:
>> Is there any explanation in any of the Gnome documentation of why Unix
>> commands like `xclock -borderwidth 0' don't result in a command
>> window without a window border? (Is this instead a matter of the window
>> manager in use? I've tried Enlightenment, Sawfish, Twm and Window Maker.)
>> A user here has an old self-written program that he wants to appear without
>> a border, for unintelligible reasons of his own. He complains that
>> `-borderwidth 0' used to work on the SGI Indy Magic desktop he used to
>> use before being switched to Linux and Gnome. (He is still using Gnome
>> 1.4, but hopes to switch to 2.0 shortly.) I've searched the Gnome
>> documentation without success.
> This isn't likely to be documented, surely it's just a bug in either
> xclock or the WM. Though if none of those WMs you mention work, I'd
> guess at xclock.
> My xclock doesn't seem to have a -borderwidth option, so I'm not sure
> what it does. What window manager hint does it set? I would expect
> that it changes the X border width, which isn't related to the window
> manager frame.
> There's definitely a way to turn off window frames, most WMs support
> the MWM hint for this.
> Havoc

-borderwidth is the long version of -bw. I only used xclock as a simple
example of a command. -bw doesn't work with any other program I have
tried either. As I say above, it's the user's own program that he wants
to have no border. Enlightenment has a per-window, menu-chooseable, `Set
Window Style = Borderless' option for its windows, but even that doesn't
honour an application's -bw option.


John A. Murdie
Experimental Officer (Software)
Department of Computer Science
University of York

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