Re: GNOME, .Net and Mono

> If you could compare the current number of Gnome developers to [Java + MS
> VC++/VB] developers, I bet the ratio would be microscopic.  Mono could
> potentially allow a huge influx of new developers.

If we manage to deliver Mono (I am going to use that as my opening line
from now on).  Yes, this would be the case, it would enable a lot of
people to write applications that target our platform (Linux).

> Some people might not *like* having all those new developers - many of
> them would write crappy code, many of them would write proprietary code,
> and the signal/noise ratio of mailing lists like this may well plummet.
> But the more developers Gnome has, the more market it will have.  Take a
> clue from Microsoft on this one.

I could not have expressed myself better ;-)


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