Nautilus shadows


 I can't really tell from the screenshots around - what will the desktop
icons from Nautilus look like in GNOME 2.0?

 I know there are some font issues that are brought up a lot, but one of
the issues I see is the rendering of the font... the text really should
be rendered with a *very* slight drop shadow or something.  I have a
dark background with a bright spot near some icons, and the text is
unreadable for those.  I've seen in certain other OS (*cough*XP*cough*)
and icon text are rendered using very crisp fonts with a nifty looking
drop shadow (barely noticable until you get a light-colored background).

 Just something I thought I'd point it; it's one of those eye-candy
features that might actually be useful.  ^,^

Sean Etc.

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