Re: a long question for a quick answer

Clancy, Shane W. wrote:

This is a long one, sorry.  I have been trying to learn the GtkCTree widget
for a couple of days now, and stumbled across this example in the back of
the "GNOME / GTK+ Programming Bible."
Unfortunately, it had no comments in it (why would you write a book for
beginners and then not comment your example code?), so this morning I
grabbed my copy of the GTK tutorial and decided to comment every line until I figured it out. If you read the
program below, you'll see how screwed up I was and exactly where I
understood what was going on.  My question is this:
I understand how the widget is populated with a tree, but this widget has
two columns, and I'm not seeing where data is told which column to go to.
You pass an array of strings to gtk_ctree_insert_node(). One element for each column in the ctree.

btw, that code is near unreadable with those comments in there :)


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