Anjuta 0.1.9 released!

Announcing the latest stable release of Anjuta, 0.1.9. The Anjuta
website can be found at:

What is Anjuta?

Anjuta is a versatile Integrated Development Environment (IDE). It has
been written for GTK+/GNOME, and features a number of advanced
programming facilities. These include project management, application
wizards, an interactive debugger and a powerful source code editor, with
source browsing and syntax highlighting.

What is new / changed in this release?

* rewritten symbol and tag browsing support,
* new message manager,
* embedded terminal (using zvt),
* Project Import Wizard, making it easier to migrate  existing projects
to Anjuta (experimental),
* new look Application Wizard,
* libglade project support,
* Class Creator plugin,
* UI enhancements,
* many, many bug fixes.


* libxml,
* scrollkeeper,
* standard GNU development tools,
* gdb (for debugging sessions)
* autoconf/automake.

Optional tools

* gnome-help-browser (or Nautilus), to display the   included
* grep, for research in files,
* ctags, in order to have class browsing,
* indent, for automatic source code indenting,
* DevHelp, for context sensitive API browser   support


(.deb and other formats coming soon)


Although much of the development effort is going into the new version of
Anjuta, we'd really like to continue to hear your comments on the 0.1.x
series - remember that forums, mailing lists, bug reporting and feature
request facilities may be found at the Anjuta project page:


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