Re: Work woth GUI from a thread that was made by pthread_createfunction

"bharat  tewari" <bharat tewari wipro com> writes:

> or one of the solution is to make all the ui being handled by one thread
> either through mutex synchronization etc.

If you must use threads, then the solution is indeed to serialise all
access to gdk/gtk+ though the thread that runs the main loop. Any time
you want to call a gdk or gtk function from a thread, do

   g_idle_add (function_that_does_it, data_for_function);

the function_that_does_it() can safely call any gdk and gtk+

(Make sure that that function doesn't block. Ideally it shouldn't run
for more than a few milliseconds; it can return TRUE to have the main
loop call it again when all events have been processed).

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