Re: Building GNOME2 problems

On 2002.02.18 21:36 Alfons Hoogervorst wrote:

Lo Pawel,

On Mon, 18 Feb 2002 18:22:18 +0100
Pawel Salek <pawsa theochem kth se> wrote:

  | 2. Building panel fails:
  | checking for libglade-convert... no
  | configure: error: libglade-convert (from libglade 2.0) is needed
  | build gnome-core.

Mmmmh. Is this from CVS head? (gnome-core is dead according to the
spawn of satan)

Yes. 1.375.

I guess I could try upgrading to python-2.0 but this dependency should be: a). checked whether really necessary; b). documented and/or possibly checked by libglade's configure (and generating warning, like "this libglade is not very useful without python-2.0 or more recent). (IMHO, of course).


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