Re: Building GNOME2 problems

Pr, 2002-02-18 19:22, Pawel Salek rašė:
> 2. Building panel fails:
> checking for libglade-convert... no
> configure: error: libglade-convert (from libglade 2.0) is needed to 
> build gnome-core.
> ERROR:gnome-panel: Cant autogen
> What is the problem? Is this because  
> /gnome/head/cvs/libglade/libglade-convert is not installed properly?

Yes. You need libglade-convert just to build a couple of packages, which
gave glade1 files, constructed by glade, and use this script to generate
glade fly in compile time.

> I 
> guess it is not installed properly because apparently python-2.0 is 
> required, is that correct? Is there any way to remove this dependency?

Yes, there is a way -- to use glade2 files everywhere. You *just* need
to make glade2 visual interfaces builder fully functional and stable.

Or rewrite converter in Perl, bash, or XSLT. Of course it's a waste of
time to rewrite a well working tool.

> Has anyone succeeded to install gnome-2.0 without python-2.0 installed?

No. It's not possible. Or at least you will have quite a small set of

Also, you need not just python2, but also python-xml package installed.

Gediminas Paulauskas
Kaunas, Lithuania

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