Re: remove gnome-cd (and cddb-slave) from gnome-media

On Thu, 2002-02-21 at 12:34, Marius Andreiana wrote:
> Hi
> In a futile attempt to reduce wasted time of gnome developers
> I purpose to remove gnome-cd (and cddb-slave) from gnome-media.
> Does anybody use gnome-cd on a regular basis? Yeah, we all started
> it once, played a little with it, then returned to xmms (which uses
> gtk too).
> Is there any reason for keeping it while there are better alternatives
> and open bugs on nautilus/evolution?

Please don't do this.

gtcd is simple and intuitive, and fits in well with the
GNOME desktop.

xmms - how exactly DO you play CDs with it? Hitting the
play button pops up a file selector widget. The manpage
doesn't even mention CDs. It is NOT AT ALL obvious to
this Unix geek of 10-year standing, let alone to a newbie.
Furthermore, its insistence on having its own eccentric
look-and-feel (however attractive this may have seemed to
its developers) makes it stand out like a sore thumb.
One of the best features of using a common widget set like
GTK is the visual uniformity of applications. I want all my
GNOME applications to respect my current GTK theme, I don't
want to have to download "Skins" for a particular (not very
important) app.

Grip I haven't tried, but from the name I would imagine
Gtk RIPper - i.e. its principal purpose is not to PLAY
CDs but to extract the contents to a file.

The Unix philosophy has always been "Do one thing and do it
well"... If you need to integrate different functions use a
component system like bonobo, don't insist on huge 
multifunction applications.

[I'm probably a bit irritable at the moment having just
compiled OpenOffice - still a hideously bloated beast,
though essential for MS compatibility - but a warning
to all of us].


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