Re: remove gnome-cd (and cddb-slave) from gnome-media

I can think of one good reason for retaining gnome-cd: ease of
discovery. The naive user puts a CD into their CD drive and then looks
for a CD player. Sure, XMMS can play CDs, but it's not obvious how,
there's no big "play a CD button" in XMMS, nor for that matter is there
even an obvious menu option (i.e. I haven't found it, but I don't
consider XMMS' user interface good, pretty yeah, but not easy to use).

Maybe the solution is to fix XMMS, or make a wrapper program that says
"I'm a CD player" and then gets XMMS to do the right thing.

(As a side-note I have been using gnome-cd, both in it's gtcd form and
it's current form).


 - Callum

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