Re: support of feathered edge in GnomeRectCanvasItem


It is trivial to add, and seems good idea to me, and I even remember 
discussing it among developers, but nobody did it then, and
unfortunately is API change (although addition), so I am quite sure 
maintainers do not want to do that before 2.0.0.

But if you need such thing in your own code, writing customized
canvasitem for that should be around 50 lines of code (just
check GnomeCanvasRect part of gnome-canvas-rect-ellipse.c and
add 4-8 curvetos).

Best wishes,
Lauris Kaplinski

On Wed, 2002-02-27 at 07:24, Anil wrote:
> Hi
> I think it would be better to extend the functionality of
> GnomeCanvasRectItem so that it supports feathered edges (round
> corners). So something like radius can be included as one of the
> attributes which indicates the radius of the arc at the corner. A radius
> of zero indicates an edged rectangle.
> Regards,
> anil gdit iiit net
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