Re: gdk_fontset_load and font descriptor

>> "VH" == Vlad Harchev <hvv hippo ru> writes:


>  First, "adobe-helvetica" contains only latin1 glyphs, so use "*-helvetica"
> instead of "adobe-helvetica" (because helvetica from other vendors can
> contain the user locale's glyphs, while adobe's - definitely won't).
>  Second, don't ever append ",*-r-*" to font descriptor. This is very bad
> practice that leads to very funny visual appearance.
>  Third, make it translatable. 
>  So we got the 1st variant. :)

Then I did a quick grep in gnome-core and some font aren't translated in

But I still don't understand why gdk_fontset_load is unable to return a
font name instead of NULL.


This bug is very annoying for end user who don't know what's wrong, and
especially with gmc or with anjusta or with galeon whit i nice segfault.


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