Re: gnome-core gettext errors

On Fri, 11 Jan 2002, David F. Newman wrote:

> I was in the process of building gnome-core on Solaris 7
> and I'm running into a little problem in the po directory.  The files
> zh_TW.Big5.po and zh_CN.GB2312.po seem to have errors.  I am using
> gettext 0.10.40 configured with libiconv.  Are these errors in the po
> files themselves or am I missing something?  I am new to i18n with
> gettext.
> /usr/local/bin/msgfmt -o zh_TW.Big5.po
> zh_TW.Big5.po:114: invalid control sequence
> found 17 fatal errors

Gnome-desktop-devel is definitely the wrong list to ask such a question
-- you should ask it in gnome-i18n instead. Anyway, here's the answer:

The handling of chinese byte sequence is different between gettext
<= 0.10.35 and >= 0.10.36. The copy of zh_TW.Big5.po and zh_CN.GB2312.po
distributed with gnome-core are checked against gettext 0.10.35,
which is considered as incompatible with the version of gettext you're

You're suggested to grab the corresponding translation files from CVS.
If you're unable/unwilling to do so, then perhaps it's better to wait
for another release of gnome-core.


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